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New blog coming

I haven’t been posting much lately because I have an entirely new blog coming.  In the next week or so I’ll post the link to the entirely new blog.  It’ll be quite a bit more robust than the current blog, giving you an overview of the whole Alisa Benay company all in one site including pictures of all the gowns, links to editorial and magazine articles featuring my gowns, all of our (growing number of!) stores, and much more.


In the mean time, if you are in the Denver area today & want to see some of my gowns up close, a few of them will be featured in the runway show at the Wedding Vogue Show located at the Curtis Ballroom, 3rd Floor, Comedy Works at The Landmark in Greenwood Village from 1-4 pm.  Of course, you can always stop by Little White Dress any time to see the entire line!


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Frost: Winter in Colorado


We’ve had snow here in Colorado Springs off & on for the past week or so.  Yesterday we hit a record low of -8.  It was sunny and not windy, though, so it didn’t feel as bitterly cold as you would think.  Anyhoo, the snow reminded me that I didn’t post these pictures a few weeks back.  One of the amazing things about living in Colorado is the unique weather conditions.  We’re at about 7000 ft above sea level, so things get funky up here in the clouds.  Sometimes right at the first of winter you get the frost like in these pictures.  You’ll just wake up & find everything coated in ice, but it’s not that cold out.






Um….I’m not entirely sure how I made the gallery below.  Hmm, will have to remember that for the future. 🙂  I’ll leave it, even though some of the pics are duplicates.


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An ordinary day in Colorado (ahem…you should live here)

This is why I live here. Well, o.k. I live here b/c of Kevin’s job. But really, once you’re here, there’s just nothing that compares.

We woke up this morning & noticed that during broad daylight, the moon was still shining. It was hard to get a picture of, but here’s the best we got:



Then Quentin’s class went on a field trip to the Bear Creek Nature Center. While on the hike, we noticed a little fawn up in the brush.


Then we noticed two little scraggly doe next to her. So I’m trying to be all quiet & get their picture before they run off.



Then they just started following us down the trail. Dumb deer. They were at one point about 10 yards away from me & would have kept walking closer, except Quentin started freaking out thinking they were going to eat him. He’s not real certain on the whole circle of life thing. 🙂


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