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Here’s the sketches I just turned into Get Married

These are cropped snapshots of the color copies, so take them for what they’re worth. I’ve cropped out the flats b/c I just don’t want those floating around the internet. If I had been thinking all the way through, I really wouldn’t have sent the flats to GetMarried, either, but they were already on the drawings when I thought of that.

Now we’ll see how many I actually get made up into samples before the photo shoot.


Josephine is a 4 part gown (remember, the client can mix & match from each gown if she likes), the corset has been shortened & made straight across the top since the Get Married taping. For all you aspiring fashion designers out there, um…. do what I say, not what I do. DO NOT make samples first. Make your block, then your first patterns, then a test run, then go back for corrections, then a 2nd test run… THEN make samples. Unless, of course, you’ve been asked to appear on national television with 10 days to prepare.


Rebecca has had the bottom front of the corset straightened out to blend better with the rest of the line. Also, I’m not going to do a yoke, just micro pleats right into a waistband.


Amelia is probably my favorite. Note to self….buy a ruffler attachment.


Caroline is reworking the Rebecca silhouette. I’ve added 3/4 sleeves & am playing with the tuck detailing also seen on the sides of the Josephine overskirt & the back of Amelia’s skirt. I haven’t fleshed out all the pattern work yet for this sleeve, so I’ll let you know how that works out. The skirt is exactly the same as Rebecca, I’ve just added an overskirt.


Victoria is really reworking the Josephine. Same corset, just with ruffles. Same skirt. Different overskirt (which after sketching, I’ve already decided to make changes to), and different jacket. The sleeves gave me fits to draw. I’m trying to rework the micro pleating detail in the puff sleeve. Maybe it would help if I actually tested it out before drawing.

There’s also ‘Penelope’ in the works. It’s a rework of the Amelia style a la an Elie Saab
(number 29, I can’t find another picture of it) skirt I’m nuts about.

I’m pretty bummed that I couldn’t really find markers that convey the actual colors of the fabric. They’re really much paler than the renderings. Also what appears to be yellow in the sketches is actually a pale cream color.



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