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Photo Shoot

I had the wonderful opportunity this weekend to work with the Denver Editorial Modeling Meetup that is hosted by the fabulous & multi-hatted Karen Aguirre of Xposure Online Model Management

Here’s a video:

Pretty awesome, huh? It was a fun event, but my gowns are toast. Live & learn. Airport hangers are perhaps not the place to have models walking about in silk. Next time I’ll take the cocktail skirts and leave the full length gowns at home. Where are said cocktail skirts, you ask? Keep your britches on, they’re coming!

Speaking of britches, did you notice the girls wearing the corsets with jeans?  I told you that you could do that!  Corsets are fun, girls.  If you can’t invest in the whole gown, just get the corset.  It doesn’t have to be for your wedding.  Get it for the honeymoon, the bachelorette party, some really hot date you’ve got up your sleeve for him…. the possibilities are endless. 🙂



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All systems go

I just nailed down everything for the photo shoot for this coming Monday.  Photographer, model, hair/make-up artist, intern, & local.  We’re looking into a second model at the last minute.  My model for the day is Ashley, but she’s got a time crunch.  You would think it won’t take longer than 3 hours to shoot 4 gowns, but I’m looking to hedge my bets & get a 2nd model.   For both moving through the gowns quicker (or is it “more quickly”?) & also in case we need to do some additional detail shots after Ashley needs to leave.  I’ve put some feelers out, we’ll see what turns up.

Woohoo.  I’m in business.

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Meet January, my new model





Isn’t she amazing?

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