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Launch Party, more pics


All my girls.  Plus the bottom picture is of the ice sculpture with my name on it.  Which is seriously cool in case you’ve never had your own personal ice sculpture before.  But you can’t see it well.  Better pics later.


A fun day all around with the silliest brides you ever met.  Keep those dresses off the ground girls!


Top row, left to right:  Jolene Picone of Veil Trends, my veil desiger:  Margo Trueblood, my Director of Sales & Marketing:  my own personal stud muffin (who obsessed about his suit for over a month):  Daddy dancing with Olivia (everybody say “awww”).

Middle-ish row, left to right:  Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar:   a much larger & more user friendly version on my own personal stud muffin (I love this picture!):   my besty Karen Burniston, an ubber cool designer in her own right, who has such fabulous taste she showed up dressed just like me.

Bottom row, left to right:  The fam, true colors showing:   Cate Malone, owner of the best bridal boutique in Colorado,   the rents.

A fabulous time was had by all.  If you weren’t there, you can catch us on the road in the coming months.  Deets to come.  Or you can catch the runway show on my episode of Get Married, airing in the early fall.



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Friday I had a photo shoot with the re-make of the Josephine gown.  This was just a quick photo shoot to get the new pictures up on the website before the save the date cards go out for the launch party, but I’m very pleased.  This is also your indroduction to Christina, my new spokesmodel.  She’s so beautiful & really represents my customer perfectly.   And, yes, the necklace is part of my new collection!


Josephine & 2 other gowns will be in The Little White Dress Shop by the end of the month, and the remaining 5 debut collection gowns will be there by the end of February.  There will also be 8 veils and 4 necklaces as well. 

Please contact Margo Trueblood, my Director of Sales & Marketing at 719.650.8502 or for information about how to find our gowns in a salon near you or information about attending out launch party March 14 & 15.


For information about editorial coverage, please contact

Jennifer Smith Tapp

All photography courtesy of Kim Nodurft

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Sneak peak of the week

Well, I was trying to make sneak peaks just little bits of each piece without showing you the whole thing.  Then I opened my e-mail just now & got this picture from my jewelry designer:


I’m just too excited not to share it with you.  It’ll be here for the photo shoot on Friday, so you’ll see better pics next week on the website.  It’s made from freshwater pearls & swarovski crystals.   squeeeeeee!!!

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Getting Started

I’ve been hinting for months that things have been moving at a frantic pace behind the scenes & now it’s time to let you in on the story.

When my Get Married television episode aired for the first time last November, I started to develop a national following for my line of vintage inspired bridal gowns. I’ve spent this entire past year talking with brides, event designers, bridal boutique owners, and other industry insiders. Overall, I have received amazing reviews of my line, but ultimately not a lot of sales. My business model at the time that the gowns were released was to work directly with the bride to create a completely customized gown. I’ve had the pleasure of creating several of these gowns over the past year, but ultimately I felt there was a larger audience for my designs. Earlier this spring I had a conversation with a dear friend & mentor lamenting how I knew what to do manufacture & distribute a clothing line, but it just wasn’t working with my current business model. Her advice? “Well, it sounds like you need to stop doing what you are doing & do what you need to do.”

So I started the process of making calls and inquiries. Lace, fabric, and trim suppliers; manufacturers; boutique owners; event designers; advertisers; pr firms; virtual assistants, receptionists, and book keepers; jewelry and veil designers; modeling agencies; photographers; stylists; make-up artists; and more. I asked what feels like millions of questions. The more I asked, the more the universe began to open up to my vision. As I worked towards putting together a formal business plan, the plan itself took on a life of it’s own and began to take off. It started out as my “dream big” project where I was putting together what I would do if time, money, and circumstances were no object and ended up becoming a reality. So much work has gone into this project already & right now is only the beginning.

Over the next few months you’ll get to see the behind the scenes events that shape a clothing line.  It’s a tremendous amount of work, but also tremendously fun.  We’re gearing up towards an official launch party in Castle Rock, Colorado in mid-March 2009.  I already have national television coverage confirmed and some other possible blow-your-mind possibilities in the works.  Hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do!

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More FAQ

A couple of more questions that I’ve had recently:

1) Can your gowns be made in my size?  Absolutely!  Personally, I’m currently a size 14 (down from an 18, yeehaw!), and curvy.  I’ve never actually been able to buy clothing that actually really and truely fits.  I became a fashion designer by way of making clothes for myself that would fit over the junk in my trunk.  It’s very important to me that this line is for everybody.  If you’re not sure which size option would be best for your body type, just call me and we’ll figure it out together.

2)  How soon can we start seeing the new gowns?  I’m working hard ladies!  Getting Samples from muslin to complete takes a while.  I’ll keep you updated on the blog as we go along.  I’ll post about it separately, but I’m going to be sponsoring a participant in the upcoming Miss Black Colorado next week with a version of the Amelia, so look for pictures from that in a couple of weeks.

3) Can your gowns be made from other material to match my themed wedding?  I’m on the fence on this one.  Write to me and ask about your specific needs and I’ll think it through.

Any other questions?  Just ask, I’m here to help your dreams come true!

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Get Married

I just found out my segment airs on Get Married on November 9th.  I originally had a tentative “early December”, so we’re doing some pretty quick work behind the scenes to have the new website up & functional by next Friday.

I’m only going to have 3 of the 6 gowns from the Rose Collection up in November.  I’ll come back in January with the remaining 3.  I don’t officially “launch” the line until Spring 2008, so I’m not sweating the partial release of the Rose Collection.  I don’t want anything to be rushed and am spending some time fleshing out exact design details before each gown goes up for purchase on the website.

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Here’s the sketches I just turned into Get Married

These are cropped snapshots of the color copies, so take them for what they’re worth. I’ve cropped out the flats b/c I just don’t want those floating around the internet. If I had been thinking all the way through, I really wouldn’t have sent the flats to GetMarried, either, but they were already on the drawings when I thought of that.

Now we’ll see how many I actually get made up into samples before the photo shoot.


Josephine is a 4 part gown (remember, the client can mix & match from each gown if she likes), the corset has been shortened & made straight across the top since the Get Married taping. For all you aspiring fashion designers out there, um…. do what I say, not what I do. DO NOT make samples first. Make your block, then your first patterns, then a test run, then go back for corrections, then a 2nd test run… THEN make samples. Unless, of course, you’ve been asked to appear on national television with 10 days to prepare.


Rebecca has had the bottom front of the corset straightened out to blend better with the rest of the line. Also, I’m not going to do a yoke, just micro pleats right into a waistband.


Amelia is probably my favorite. Note to self….buy a ruffler attachment.


Caroline is reworking the Rebecca silhouette. I’ve added 3/4 sleeves & am playing with the tuck detailing also seen on the sides of the Josephine overskirt & the back of Amelia’s skirt. I haven’t fleshed out all the pattern work yet for this sleeve, so I’ll let you know how that works out. The skirt is exactly the same as Rebecca, I’ve just added an overskirt.


Victoria is really reworking the Josephine. Same corset, just with ruffles. Same skirt. Different overskirt (which after sketching, I’ve already decided to make changes to), and different jacket. The sleeves gave me fits to draw. I’m trying to rework the micro pleating detail in the puff sleeve. Maybe it would help if I actually tested it out before drawing.

There’s also ‘Penelope’ in the works. It’s a rework of the Amelia style a la an Elie Saab
(number 29, I can’t find another picture of it) skirt I’m nuts about.

I’m pretty bummed that I couldn’t really find markers that convey the actual colors of the fabric. They’re really much paler than the renderings. Also what appears to be yellow in the sketches is actually a pale cream color.


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