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New blog coming

I haven’t been posting much lately because I have an entirely new blog coming.  In the next week or so I’ll post the link to the entirely new blog.  It’ll be quite a bit more robust than the current blog, giving you an overview of the whole Alisa Benay company all in one site including pictures of all the gowns, links to editorial and magazine articles featuring my gowns, all of our (growing number of!) stores, and much more.


In the mean time, if you are in the Denver area today & want to see some of my gowns up close, a few of them will be featured in the runway show at the Wedding Vogue Show located at the Curtis Ballroom, 3rd Floor, Comedy Works at The Landmark in Greenwood Village from 1-4 pm.  Of course, you can always stop by Little White Dress any time to see the entire line!


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Launch Party, more pics


All my girls.  Plus the bottom picture is of the ice sculpture with my name on it.  Which is seriously cool in case you’ve never had your own personal ice sculpture before.  But you can’t see it well.  Better pics later.


A fun day all around with the silliest brides you ever met.  Keep those dresses off the ground girls!


Top row, left to right:  Jolene Picone of Veil Trends, my veil desiger:  Margo Trueblood, my Director of Sales & Marketing:  my own personal stud muffin (who obsessed about his suit for over a month):  Daddy dancing with Olivia (everybody say “awww”).

Middle-ish row, left to right:  Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar:   a much larger & more user friendly version on my own personal stud muffin (I love this picture!):   my besty Karen Burniston, an ubber cool designer in her own right, who has such fabulous taste she showed up dressed just like me.

Bottom row, left to right:  The fam, true colors showing:   Cate Malone, owner of the best bridal boutique in Colorado,   the rents.

A fabulous time was had by all.  If you weren’t there, you can catch us on the road in the coming months.  Deets to come.  Or you can catch the runway show on my episode of Get Married, airing in the early fall.


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Friday I had a photo shoot with the re-make of the Josephine gown.  This was just a quick photo shoot to get the new pictures up on the website before the save the date cards go out for the launch party, but I’m very pleased.  This is also your indroduction to Christina, my new spokesmodel.  She’s so beautiful & really represents my customer perfectly.   And, yes, the necklace is part of my new collection!


Josephine & 2 other gowns will be in The Little White Dress Shop by the end of the month, and the remaining 5 debut collection gowns will be there by the end of February.  There will also be 8 veils and 4 necklaces as well. 

Please contact Margo Trueblood, my Director of Sales & Marketing at 719.650.8502 or for information about how to find our gowns in a salon near you or information about attending out launch party March 14 & 15.


For information about editorial coverage, please contact

Jennifer Smith Tapp

All photography courtesy of Kim Nodurft

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What’s new in 2008 at Alisa Benay

Christmas season is in full swing around here. I had a stomach bug right after Thanksgiving that had me down for a bit & I feel like I’m a little late in the game to be finally getting into the Christmas spirit. I think I’ve already missed all the cookie exchange parties. Oh well, I’m sure Christmas cookies aren’t really on my Jenny Craig list. (16 lbs & counting, btw)

My episode of Get Married will re-air on January 4th, so mark your calendars (& set your tivo if your on Mountain time…5:30 is really a bit early!) This time around we’re doing a full on media campaign to coordinate with the airing. The first time it aired we were still doing a bit of behind the scenes scrambling work to get the new website up & running & just didn’t have time to get the press kit out. It actually aired a second time the day after Thanksgiving and I didn’t even know it until a week later.

Also in conjunction with the January airing, you’ll find some interesting changes to the website. Here’s a few:

*My 40% discount will go away after the New Year rolls around (get it while the gettin’s good, ladies!), but I will have a new prices that will tickle you pink (or yellow, or blue, or maybe even white!).

*Gown give aways. Yes, you heard me right. Free gowns. I’m going to be starting a montly newsletter with the following information:

-Twice a year I’ll be giving away a $5000 gift certificate.  There will be details in the newsletter.

-Discount of the month. The first person each month to make a payment (deposit or full payment) will receive the discount mentioned in that month’s newsletter. It’ll change every month & I’ll only give out one, so you’ll have to watch closely!

-Updates about my gowns. New gowns, new fabrics, places I’ll be showing (yes, I do plan to hit the road a bit in ’08)

-Fun & funky, off the beaten track, or vintage inspired tips, trends, gifts, favors or other ideas I’ve run across.

– Information about other indie designers in ready to wear. Because indie design is the wave of the future. And you’ll need something to wear after the wedding. 🙂
*SWATCH KITS!!!! I know you’ve been waiting patiently & they’ll be available in January. Each kit will contain the primary fabric (i.e. rose embroidered dupioni) and all the coordinating fabrics and lacing ribbon colors as well. They’re super cute & come in a clear designer gift box all wrapped up with a pretty little ribbon. Each one will be about $30 & you can apply that amount to your future purchases.

*Archival boxes. I haven’t mentioned this as of yet, but I’ve just secured a supplier. When you order a full gown (as opposed to just ordering a corset), I’ll ship your gown to you in a museum quality archival storage box. These boxes are great b/c you don’t have to have your gown sealed to where you can’t get into in the future. You can have access to your gown any time you want. I would love to see pictures of my bride wearing her corset on her first anniversary date!


Isn’t that a beautiful box?

*Three new dresses. Amelia, Gillian, and Penelope will make their debut in early ’08. I know, I know…I promised January. I’m thinking it’s looking more like early March at this point. Sorry, girls, really I am. I’m just as excited as you are to see them making their way out there in the world, but they’ve got to be just right first. These gowns have more detailing in them & I want to get it perfect before I put them out there. I’m also going back & making a few minor changes to the first three & I want to have all 6 ready for a 2nd photo shoot at the same time. Don’t worry, they’re only little things… Like I want the sweep of the full ball gown skirt to be a little fuller in back. See, just little things. The first photo shoot took 5 people & 4 hours just to get 3 dresses shot, so I’m heading for an all day shoot with 2 models for the second shoot. It’ll have to be indoors. March is our snowiest month out here. So if you know of any victorian looking homes here in the Springs, feel free to let me know.

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