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An upfront apology to Kathleen.

Remember my 2 months of camo earlier this year? Perhaps no, but this might explain why said project was not as big of a leap from my usual MO as one would think.

May I introduce my Daddy, in some circles knows as Buckrub or Bucky, holding Christmas dinner:


If you didn’t grow up redneck, you might not quite get it, but that’s all right.

My 5 year old son, Quentin, is a vegetarian. He was pretty much born that way. It’s weird, but true. He somehow the other night got to talking about his leopards (stuffed) and that they eat zebras. It makes him sad. So then from there we got to talking about what people eat. I said “mommy likes to eat cow. yum.” He laughed hard & said “people don’t eat cows! dat’s jus’ cwazy!”

If you do happen to be a carnivore, you should try antelope sometime. They’re herbivores, so very tender. Many humble apologies to all the veggies out there. 😦

Want to know anymore redneck stuff? This is what we’ll stop on the side of a highway for & stare at for hours. …And would want to shoot if a gun was handy, which it’s not b/c there are rules about firing weapons near roads. And other things about tags & limits & stuff. Apologies now to the rednecks. Some of my ‘neck upbringing didn’t stick, so I can’t remember all the technical information about the tags, etc. Oh, & I don’t have big hair anymore. And I’ve been weaned off of gravy. I will, however, still eat things that are called “salad”, but are in actuality “things floating in jello”. You have to be redneck to even understand what I’m talking about, much less eat it.

Cool picture, non-the-less.




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